What’s your advice to this guy? Read the story below.

My name is Diamond, and I just had a new girl friend after breaking up with a very loving girl(my X.).

But the problem I have with this my new girl is that every time she comes visiting, she comes with two to three of her friends and this is so annoying.

Minus spending a lot of money to entertain the four of them, I don’t get any intimacy with my girl because of the presence of her friends..although the girl is very pretty…

When I asked her why she brings her friends to my house in all her visits, she told me that she wants them to see how handsome I am..when I told her that her reasons are ridiculous, she grew angry, and I love this girl…and she is not picking my calls for two days now.

Please people, what should I do?

Am I in love? Or has STUPIDITY taken over ME?

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