Babes as you go home or your village for Christmas, this is how to know where guys came back from:
1• Any guy with too many pictures and plenty story is from London {He has no money}

2• Any guy that shares knock-out/banger and balloons is from China {He has no money and he is not going back}

3• Any guy that wears singlet every were he goes is from Lagos {He has no money, he just came to eat MAMA THANK YOU)

4• Any guy that wears Kito slippers is from Togo, Gabon or Cotonou {He has no money, he came so that mama will help him borrow money from the village meeting}

5• Any guy that ties head-tie or wears big Combat/Baggie short and carries a big towel about is from USA {They are stingy}

6• Any guy that wears ear ring and has a macho stature is from South Africa {He has no money, he only came to the villa to hide from narcotic police}

7• Any guy that wears Jersey is from Spain, Germany, France or Brazil {Shishi them no get and na them do shakara pass}

8• Any guy that has red coloured paper money is from Korea {Their money is near to zero value}

9• Any guy that wears tracksuit always is from Canada {They have small but na only drink they fit buy for you}

10• Anyone that carries gadgets like laptop, and blackberry up and down, came from Malaysia and he go sell all of them by January to complete him travelling money to go back.

So, Stay with your man oooo, to avoid “had I known” in January because by that time you no go see them again.

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