A man is traveling with his wife from Lagos to Ibadan. They leave LAGOS around 2pm. There’s fuel scarcity. There’s traffic. The roads are busy…

A beggar hanging a board on his neck that reads, DEAF & DUMB, approaches them to beg for alms. The woman asks her husband, “Honey, who is that?”
Husband: Beggar, he’s deaf and dumb.

While still in Lagos traffic, a danfo driver and his conductor were exchanging blows
Wife: Who are those guys, honey? And what are they doing?
Husband: They are danfo driver and his conductor exchanging blows.

Students doing rag day pass by …
Wife: Sweetie, who are those people?
Husband: They’re students having rag day

Governor Ambode’s convoy passing…
Wife: Baby, who is that?
Husband: It looks like it’s Ambode

Wristwatch Hawker comes and trying to sell to them…
Wife: What’s the guy selling?
Husband: Wristwatch

Husband’s handset rings. Wife takes the phone and sees Caller Unknown…
Wife: Dear, who is Caller Unknown ???
Husband: It could be anybody. Don’t pick it yet. The person will call back.

While still in Lagos traffic, husband honks repeatedly…
Wife: My love, why are you honking since?
Husband: I don’t want us to stay too long in traffic because I want us to arrive Ibadan on time.

Car AC has been on since they’re in traffic so everywhere in the car is cool…
Wife: Sweetie, why is the car AC so cool like this?
Husband: Because it’s been on since.

Una too like tory, you still dey read because you want to know how the story will end right? The woman is still asking questions till now. She wants to know why her husband fainted before they arrive Ibadan.




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