Just imagine if the those Wise Men who visited Jesus Christ at birth were women:

Their gifts would have been different. They would have given Christ’s parents items such as napkins, diapers, feeding bottle, napkins, ‘Akamu’ (pap), and cerelac etc.

As they’re leaving, one of them would have said to the others, “Did you people see what Mary was wearing? It’s color riot!”

After leaving, one would have told the other, “Did you see Mary’s shoes? They don’t match her dress”.

One would have also said, “I heard Joseph is not working, he’s just a carpenter. How will they survive?”

Another would have said, “Imagine the kind of dirty environment she delivered, are they not perceiving the bad smell from the animals?”

Another would have also said, “The baby doesn’t even resemble Joseph, was she really a virgin?”.

One would have replied, “Virgin indeed, I knew Mary in SECONDARY SCHOOL, she was always around boys”.

Another would have been eyeing Joseph.

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