Phone rings… Gren gren gren… 

Husband: Hello honey. How are you? Hope you’re okay?

Wife: Sweetie, I’m good thanks. You? 

Husband: I’m fine. Thanks dear. 

Wife: I wanted to tell you that you should get Goldenmourn (baby food) for Daniel… 

[Daniel is their son]

Husband: I’ve always told you to inform me like a day or two ahead when you notice his food is about to finish. Right now I’m in a meeting and cannot tell when I will finish… 

Wife: Ehn, what sound am I  hearing at the background there? 

Husband: It’s somebody’s phone ringing. The person is one of the people I’m meeting with. 

Wife: Hmm, I’m still hearing another sound like someone is pinging you? 

Husband: Yes. 

Wife: So who is it? 

Husband: How would I know for crying out loud? The phone is glued to my ear. I can’t be talking to you with the phone and still chat on BBM with the same phone. 

Wife: Okay. 

Wife cuts the phone. 

About 1 minute after, husband’s phone rings again. This time with another number.

Husband: Hello, who am I speaking with, please?

Caller: it’s me Angela. 

Husband: Which Angela is this? I’m in a … [this time, his wife calls back and her call is waiting on the husband’s phone] 

Husband places Angela on hold to pick his wife’s call. 

Husband: Hello dear. I told you I’m in a meeting… What is it this time? 

Wife: Which kind Yeye meeting you dey do since??? I can see you’re talking to Angela right now. She’s beside me here. I asked her to call you. 

Husband cuts the calls angrily. Barely a minute after, his phone rings again… 

Husband: Hello! 

Wife: Ehn ehn. I was still hearing strange background sound before you cut off the phone just now. It’s like you are not in a meeting. Or what’s making that sound? 

Husband: This woman, what’s your problem sef??? Now you’ve made me lose my job. The background sound you’re hearing is going to put you in a big trouble! 

Ahahaha. I got you again. You’re still reading because you want to know how the story will end right? Well, the wife is presently hearing that background sound from her parents’ house. 

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