Ekaitte treats her husband Akpos
by taking him to a
strip club for his birthday.
At the club, the doorman says,
“Hi Akpos, how are you today?”

The wife asks,
“How does he know you?”
Akpos says, “Oh dear, I play
football with him.”

Inside the Bartender says,
“The Usual, Akpos?”
Akpos says to Ekaitte,
“Before you say anything,
He’s on the Darts team.”

Next a stripper says,
“Hi Akpos Baby!
Do you crave the
special again?”

Ekaitte storms out dragging Akpos with her &
jumps into a taxi. The Taxi driver says, “Hey
Akposkoko, waddup?!
You picked up an ugly one this time…”
AKpos will be buried on Tomorrow!!!

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