Interviewer: Why do you have many titles and appellations? 

Akpos: Because I am from Niger Delta. My name is Late Chief Dr Pastor Prince Akpos

Interviewer: How come you put Late when you are still alive?

Akpos: Because I sleep like a dead man, and I always go late for my appointments. In fact, all Africans should have that before their names because we don’t respect time. 

Interviewer: What title will you bear when you die ?

Akpos: All

Interviewer: Do you know Anambra is the first Niger Delta state to produce a female Governor? 

Akpos: No sir. It is Bayelsa State. Alams, Late Chief Alams became the first Niger Delta female Governor sir. 

Interviewer: What is your blood group as a chief from Niger Delta?

Akpos: FA – Fighting and Kidnapping 

Interviewer: Can you tell me why some women put  their wedding rings on the wrong finger? 

Akpos: Because they marry the wrong man. 

Interviewer: Are you a graduate?

Akpos: Sometimes. 

Interviewer: You said you are from Warri… Are you people still fighting there?

Akpos: Even sef we are presently on strike… 

Interviewer: Why are you on strike?

Akpos: No be raining season we dey? Rain done drive us comot… Besides rain dey affect our bullets. We dey miss target too much. 

Interviewer: What advice do you have for government regarding over population? 

Akpos: Government should start merging people. For instance: Taribo West should be merged with OBJ, Segun Arinze with Asiwaju Tinubu, Omobaba the Comedian with Akpororo… You’ll see that Nigeria will be great again if this can be done. 

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