There are two men, Charles and Francis, who work in the same office. Their office sends them for a week training in the U.S. 

While in the U.S. Francis is always on the phone talking to his wife while Charles sparingly talks to his wife. Throughout the training he’s in touch with his wife only twice.

On the last day of the training, they decided to go shopping for their wives. Charles buys worth N475,000 for his wife while Francis buys N75,000 worth for his wife. Charles starts mocking Francis calling him a stingy, uncaring husband… 

They are finally back home. Charles has the worst of times with his wife. She rejects all the gifts. She wants to know why Charles wasn’t in touch all the while. 

On the other hand, Francis’s wife is very happy. She collects her gift as she rains kisses all over her husband, calling him all kinds of sweet names. 

Charles’s wife has more expensive gifts than Francis’s wife, is she an ingrate to have rejected those expensive gifts just like that? Who is more between Charles and Francis? 

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