Akpos is the branch manager of a bank. He’s having a sexual affair with his secretary. He stays back in the office almost every evening ‘rocking’ his secretary. His wife has been suspecting this because his body is alway smelling female perfume every evening. Akpos too has been suspecting his wife has an affair with her boss who loves smoking cigar because her dress is always smelling cigar every evening…

One day, Akpos wears a white shirt to the office. He’s involved with his secretary after work as usual. Then he notices his secretary’s lipstick has stained his collar. Confused, he asks his secretary to use her lipstick to design the lip pattern all over his shirt’s collar.

On the other side, Akpos’s wife has been having an affair with her cigar loving boss too. This same day, she would get her blouse mistakenly perforated by her boss’s cigar. This eventually happens, and she asks her boss to perforate her top all over with the cigar so that it will look like a design.

Akpos goes to pick his wife from the office as usual.

Wife: Honey, why do you have lipstick design all over your shirt like this?

Akpos: Dear, some people came to our office to market a new product for making this design. So they used my shirt for demonstration… But why do you have holes all over your top like this?

Wife: Ooh! May be it’s the same people  who visited our office today, and used my top for demonstration too. I guess they are marketing similar products with the people that came to your office today honey.

Who is the better liar between Akpos and his wife?




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