Lady visits a , is in the salon…

AKPOS: Wow! I never see this kind beauty before. I’m tripping you ooh. Do you often visit this salon?

LADY: I seldom visit anyway.

AKPOS: I’d like know you better, please.

LADY: See my finger, I am a married woman (showing Akpos a ring on her finger).

AKPOS: What does it matter? I’m a married man too.

LADY: But my husband is going to…

AKPOS: Ooh spare me that story. That’s story for the gods, pleeasse! I will take you round this world, to places you have imagined or think.

LADY: Wow! That sounds so romantic. But what do I tell my husband nah?

AKPOS: That is very simple. Just tell the idiot that you are going to the fellowship.

LADY: Excellent!  You will have to tell him yourself, because he is the one cutting your hair.

What do you think will happen to Akpos?

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