Wonders they say shall never end. is fast becoming the order of the day. Marriage has been redefined. It is no longer the union of a man and woman. Man and animals can now go into that union. But can a baby come out of it? The men below are married to horses:

1. Wang Jin 

The first picture according to a commenter at reddit.com is a piece of art created to protest against the Government of China. Wang Jin is the name of the man in the picture. His wife, the horse, was in the U.S. but Wang was denied access to the country 8 times, a situation that eventually caused their divorce.

man-horse marriage 1

Photo Credits: Reddit

2. Irishman Aidan “Suntan” O’Connell

The second picture is the marriage between a renowned 65-year-old Irish hunter, Irishman Aidan “Suntan” O’Connell, and his favorite horse named Oliver. The marriage took place on May 22, 2015 at the Bunratty Manor Hotel in Co Clare in Ireland.

man-horse marriage 2

Credits: Horse & Hound



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