GIRL: I dislike my boyfriend like plague!
BOY: Ahaha, why nah?

GIRL: He’s so cheap. He cannot even buy me an ordinary N2,000 dinner. Why are all boys like that?
BOY: Get it straight, I am of course different. I’m not like that.

GIRL: Well, I have concluded to with him. Nobody can tell me not to.
BOY: Okay, but know that I’m available always.
[Girl stands, about to leave]
BOY: Sweetie wait ooh, where are you going now?

GIRL: Yeah, like I said, I am going to break up with my boyfriend right now.
BOY: You can’t leave just yet.

GIRL: Why?
BOY: Babe, who is going to pay for the lunch we just had? I will pay for the bottle water. That is why I told you I am different.



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