Dear Nigerian youths, we thank God for the country we live in and for the change mantra that brought so much elation last year of which we are earnestly waiting to see the change being manifest. They say we (youths) are the leaders of tomorrow, but to be candid, it seems we are the leaders of a time yet unknown. More reasons we need to wake up! We can’t just sit and wait forever to become what we’re meant to be.

A bird doesn’t just sit there and expect the wind to carry it, but it stretch forth, flops its wings and make a move to soar”. You get my point? When Elisha told the woman to pour out the oil in the cruise (2Kings 4:1-6), she could have just poured into the cruise she had at home, but she stretched further to borrow more cruise! You can’t sit down after those risky years in school and wait for a job that isn’t certain. With that talent you’ve got, step out and start something with it. Don’t just sit there idle and waiting for ‘our almighty change’. It might even be you were not meant to use that certificate

After all, I am an ‘eejit’ for saying so ba? Check out so many successful people out there who aren’t using their certificate, maybe they don’t even have self! Who knows? But believe me; they can stand/sit where presidents are confidently! They even pay some to entertain our so called leaders.

In brief my fellow youths, I want us to start with the little we have “Every big/great thing began from small”. If you think you’ve got nothing to offer, sit back and search within. Believe me, you’ll find something you are good at!

Nigeria is a great nation, but due to corruption, “the rich are getting richer, while the poor are…. Well, getting poorer”. We can break this challenge! We can do better than wait in there for a change! Let’s step up and step out and be the change we wish to see in this country. You’re good at baking? Start with that. There are so many weddings and birthday ceremony out there! You’re good with comedy? Step out and you can even start as a MC for events around you.

Make business cards! Start with the little oil in your cruise and believe me, it will never run out. It might seem tough at first, but everything will surely fall back in place. And when you get your job, it will be an additional income.

Mama and papa wish to ‘jeun omo'(eat the fruit of their labour) not them having to feed and cater for you at age twenty something or thirty, all in the name of waiting and seeking for employment. While your little talent that can earn you more than that ‘stipend’ called salary is wasting.

Sometimes, I would ask myself on where we got it wrong that we came to this shameful situation. The present leaders practically enjoyed either federal or state government scholarship. What went wrong that the situation now became critical? There are two things going on at the same time, job or no job, law or no law etc. My point here is that if there was no opportunity to go to school, won’t we do something else?

Let me stop here! Sorry my rant was a bit long. It is due to the pain and anguish I have against poverty.

Meet you at the top!

  • Fikayomi

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