It is not my opinion oh. I just stole it from a friend. 
With Corruption a bag of pure water was N80

Without Corruption a bag of pure water is N150
With Corruption dollar was N180

Without Corruption dollar is N400
With Corruption I have 20hrs electricity at low tariff

Without Corruption I have 7hrs electricity

with 45% increase in tariff
With Corruption keke to my house takes N50

Without Corruption keke to my house takes N100
WithCorruption smallest indomie was N40

Without Corruption smallest indomie is N60
The list can go on and on but I just have to end it and take a stand……
# IStandWithCorruption



If with Corruption Dollar was N180 and without Corruption Dollar is now N325,
Brother and Sisters, you will agree with me that we need corruption in this country…
Titus Sardine started with 4 fishes, it reduced to 3. Then now it’s 2.

In years to come, you’ll open Sardine and see “Try Again”

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