And who says Nigeria doesn’t have talents. We have them boku!
“Meet Made-in-Nigeria, Chijioke Anyacho, the artist who ‘pents’ with blue/black pen without the aid of eraser.


Just when we thought the works of the now-celebrated Oresegun Olumide who paints hyper-realistic picture with water as his theme and ladies as his likely muse, comes another work of art where mistakes are not allowed.

Just anyone can use paint to bring out an art, and where error is noticed, correction is made. 
Just any great artist can play with the pencil and use the eraser to effect correction when it’s noticed. 

But what happens when someone decides to be an enemy to the eraser and by so doing decided to be a ‘penter’ using a N20 ball point pen to create realistic pictures and objects.

Welcome to the world of Chijioke Anyacho, who ‘PENTS’ with a blue or black pen popularly called biro. Since his work hit the Internet, it still sounds unbelievable that one can draw flawlessly with the pen and not make a mistake. 
Call it perfection, but a new genre of art is just about to be explored and in this, Chijioke is leading the way.”
Tribute BY FEJIRO OLIVER, TheCable

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