Are you sure?
There’s this elderly lady that supplies boots baby series to the shop.
Last month, she came back from UK and supplied these same series.
A very good customer who knows our elderly supplier came to the shop two days ago. 
She wanted Boots baby series. During discussion, she asked if I heard of the supplier’s death? I was aghast. 
According to her, the supplier died three months ago. She was sure of what she just told me.
Who then supplied these goods last month? She said it could be her spirit, that things are happening these days.
Being that I’ve never known this customer as a confused being, and that she certainly wouldn’t play with a thing like death, I believed her. 
So a spirit has finally taken my money, was my terrified thought. I was still musing when I remembered that I had her contacts and could call just to be sure.
I called the first time, she didn’t pick. The second time, she didn’t pick. My Customer shrugged in “I told you” kind of manner. 
I was about resigning to fate, when my phone rang, and it was my supplier. 
Numbness took hold of my tongue, so I couldn’t talk. She Asked why I wasn’t talking, that she missed my call because she was taking her bath. 
Stuttering, I asked if she was OK. She replied that she was fine, and did I call just to ask that?Mustering a little courage, I told her what I heard, and quickly said I knew it was a lie.
The shout from the other end of the line was terrifying. She shouted ” no be mama Ike tell you say I don die?” 
She was right, but I couldn’t just admit that to her. 
She went on “so that dead woman no want rest in peace? She dey waka everywhere dey tell people say I don die eh?” “Na thunder go fire her dead body” 

The line went dead.
Wait! What’s happening here.
I had to pinch myself to be sure I was alive myself. 

Mama Ike saw the alarm in my eyes and shouted “me I never die o”
It happens that mama Ike heard the false news, told another lady on her way to my shop. 
The lady she told, called my supplier telling her what she heard without hiding the identity of the person she heard the fallacious news from. Okwa ifugo kasala? 

Biko be very sure before you pass on that news. -Ifeoma Victory

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