 In 1985, arrested .

 In 2016, Buhari arrested Dasuki.

 In 1995, Al arrested on the order of General Abacha.

 In 1999, Obasanjo arrested Al Mustapha & he spends 8 years in jail.

 In 2005, was under . Torres was the Club Captain despite being far younger than Simeone He did what Torres ordered.

 In 2016, Diego Simeone is now Fernando Torres coach. Torres now takes orders from Simeone.

 In the 90’s under Rawlings regime Dr. Spio Gabriel was minister of communications and Mahama was his deputy, today John Mahama is the President and has employed his former boss as minister.

 Life is like a COIN thrown up in the air. You can’t really predict which side will turn up. No one stays TOP forever. No one knows tomorrow.

 Treat everyone with respect because there will always be a tomorrow.

 A Boss today might become a Subordinate tomorrow.

 Always use your powers & position cautiously & for the benefit of all.

 Always stand for what is right, fair & just.

Like Mugabe said …

“…treat the towel with care because the same place you use in cleaning your bottom today might be the same place you will use in cleaning your face tomorrow”. 

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