Oga , officer Titus!

Your daily feels like you tithe us,

You look for particulars, even nylons,

And when you see your friend who is a robber, ride on!

Well done! 

Keep blaming Buhari,

Keep raising a cacophony on your boss who steals,

You stop and search students because he wore a pair of jeans,

That you may not afford because of your wastefulness,

Officer, check within,

And quiz your unfaithfulness,
Emeka, the clothe seller!

Brother, no gain on top am,

Yet you cut the price from down to ,

Oga, no gain on top am,

I’d ask again,

Isn’t that insane?

Oga, I no go lie for you,

You already did,

Gain dey on top am,

Just check within,
Our fathers in the house,

You train your girls to be good,

And your sons to be men of valour,

One wonders what manner of kids you brood,

If you spend your entire life in beer parlours,

Government is bad, but alcohol is your perfume!

This time of change is hard but you just bought a crate of Goldberg,

For your belly consumption,

Check within, someone needs being talked to,
Our precious mothers, 

You bear an example our ladies follow,

You walk a path your children trail,

What you propose is what we accept,

What you teach is what we learn,

Why tell your friend you haven’t made kobo today?

When your customer just brought ,

That’s not positive,

Check within!
Iyalaje, Iyaloja,

Kòsérè lórí ojà yìí,

Yet you stay there all day expecting customers,

I wonder who wants a business without profits,

Tell us no further lies,

A kàn n tà niì,

Don’t give us that!

The truth will set you free,

When you check within!
Alhaji  Alhaji!

Kosowo, e fe ìyàwó kini,

Ìjoba ò da, e fé kejì,

Àlé méje nígboro,

Ìyàwó mérin ninu ile,

Keep it up!

Always blame the government!

Always look for excuses as to why your children are not in school,

That’s what you do, excuses!
Pastors and Imams, 

You preach against the government on Sunday,

Only to receive a credit alert on Monday,

Yet you never bothered to ask,

For what?! From who?

Don’t hide the truth,

Keep to the word of God,

And when you find it hard to see,

Check within!
Young, fresh undergraduate!

Trading your bodies for money,

They pay you handsomely from home,

Yet you still chose to be one of those girls,

Young man of courage,

You have lost ground on time,

You feel!

Your mates are cruising in Bentleys and Camry ,

And before them, your money are cowries,

Don’t do what you won’t do,

Check within and find yourself!
We can trade blames on government,

And their cantankerous system of politics,

But let us all remember, 

That the man we grow to be is made from within,

Check within and find peace where there isn’t,

Check within and find solace amidst troubles,

Check within and find the courage to pacify your weaknesses,

Check and check within till you check out of troubles,

And your cheque grows for your right sweat,

And your checks keep the cheques unchecked because you’ve always checked within,

Why don’t you do that?

Mortal, check within!
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