Emmanuel Macron, President Elect of France is 39 years old. He was Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs of France from August 2014 – August 2016.

Macron is married to a 63 year old divorcée, Brigitte Macron who was his high school teacher in La Providence High School in Amiens. She is 24 years older than him.

His best man was Henry Hermand (1924–2016), a businessman who loaned €550,000 to Macron for the purchase of his first apartment in Paris when he was Inspector of Finances. He is 53 years older than him. Hermand also let Macron use some of his offices on the Avenue des Champs Élysées in Paris for his movement En Marche!

The advantage in walking close with old people and making friends with them is huge. No matter how stupid an old person is, they have one thing better than youths and that is experience. I’ve learned this personally. I’m not saying he won the election because he associated with old people, a lot of things made it happen for him and walking with old people is part of it. –Davis King

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